We manage our point of sale marketing solutions developed for brands with the awareness of our corporate social responsibility. We act with sustainability concerns at every stage of our Global Project Management processes, which consist of production, design and delivery.

As a result of our environmental awareness, we give priority to cardboard and wood materials obtained from responsibly managed forests and recycled/recyclable materials. In this way, we both prolong the life of solutions and reduce our carbon footprint by consuming less energy.

We develop our standard series and customized projects with post-consumer recycled PET, PS, ABS and PP, and we can reuse used plastic stand materials. Thanks to our recycling approach, we create a sustainable life cycle in the use of plastic.

We regularly monitor every stage of the supply chain in our production facilities in line with our sustainability sensitivities. Thanks to our offices in France, Germany, the USA and Turkey, we optimize and use resources in the logistics stages of projects. Thanks to our local network structure, we can intervene in a minimum time when needed.

We document our sustainability-compliant processes with the following standards, under which we have our signature.

Sustainability Cycle


We reduce carbon emissions by using existing molds, aiming to minimize our waste by using recyclable plastic.


We develop products with the right material selection and longer lifetime, and make reusable stands thanks to their replaceable visual areas.


Thanks to disassembled shipping and reduced package sizes, we ship more stands in less volume, thus reducing our carbon footprint

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